Residential Pest Control In Mumbai

Residential Pest Control

Household pests are a threat to your property as well as your health. Pests like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders and lizards cause diseases, discomfort and social embarrassment. You need a professional pest control mechanism to get rid of them. A SAI PEST CONTROL offers the most effective method to get rid of pests.

Treatment is designed to be completely safe and cause minimum discomfort for all members of the house including babies and senior citizens.

We offer heavy discounts for housing societies.

For all types of Annual Contracts services are rendered as and when reinfestation occurs during the contract period without any additional cost.


Pests are extremely normal at the private spaces. Pest control services in Thane . Regardless, how much cleanliness you keep up with at your home, they can in any case discover an exit plan to your home. Inside your sofa, behind your cabinet, on your gas-top, they can be found anyplace across the home. Pest control services in Navi Mumbai. We should look at the normal irritation assault at the home and the treatment needed for something very similar.

Termite: Termite assault is the most widely recognized in private property. They assault the furnishings and wooden things at home. The most exceedingly terrible part about the termite assault is that, you would come to think about the harms when there would be no degree for fix. Pest control services in Mumbai. They are the most exceedingly awful aggressors to private property. This is a motivation behind why individuals decide for pre-development termite control in private property. So that, termite could be kept at a straight.

Ant: Ant assault could be appalling as well, particularly in the event that you have children at home. They can be truly hazardous. Other than defiling food, they additionally bring medical issues like skin rashes, and so forth. Pest control services in Andheri.

Mosquito: Mosquitoes are truly hazardous in light of the fact that they can even take life. They fill generally in blustery prepare and can do the greatest harms to human wellbeing. Mosquitoes like Aedes bring life taking illness like dengue.

Bed bug: With their propensity to become quicker and not being apparent with the unaided eyes, blood suckers do the greatest harms to human wellbeing. Pest control services in Mumbai. They make do on human blood and can even take lives by sullying human blood and moving sicknesses by means of blood.

Cockroach: Cockroaches feed on the food that we eat and their number one diversion is to taint the food. By this, they bring numerous sicknesses and some can be life-taking too.

Rodentt: The issue of rodents and rodents is normal at our homes. Pest control services in Thane . Like cockroaches they additionally have an eye on the food things at home. They sully the food things, leave their salivation there and spread infections along these lines. Alongside this, they additionally annihilate things at home with their sharp teeth.

Pets at home are common and despite the best hygiene care from our side they can still attack at our place of residence. The only way out to fight with them is to have time to time residential pest control. Pest control services in Andheri. Choose ASAI Pest Control Services for integrated pest control services and stay stress free. If you are choosing us, you are definitely choosing the best. We are giving the reasons to choose us.

  • We Provide Integrated Pest Control Services
  • The Pesticides Used by Us is Herbal. We deal in Organic Pest Control Services
  • You Can Have Physical Pest Control by Choosing Us
  • We Also Provide Chemical Pest Control Services
  • You Can Get Odorless Pest Control From Us

Residential Pest Control Services

Our perimeter pest treatment provides complete pest control against a variety of pests, including:

Cockroach Control
Rat Control
Ant Control
Mosquito Control
Bee's Control
Bird mite
Bed Bug
Spider Control
Lizard's Control

We are always with you to resolve any pest